Scottish Comedy Award 2018 Voting now open

Happy St George’s Day

Happy Shakespeare’s Birthday.

Happy Nazi Pug guy getting fined £800 day.

Edit: And Happy posh burd going into early stages of birth day.

To celebrate all 3 of these things which are so important for Scottish Comedy we have opened the voting for the 2018 Scottish Comedy Awards.

The 5th annual Scottish Comedy Awards will take place 7pm Tuesday 31st July, the night before the Edinburgh Fringe begins, at Le Monde, George St, Edinburgh.
Voting is open to those who WORK in the Scottish Comedy Industry, either as performers, writers, producers, promoters, venue staff, TV & Radio production staff or similar. 

IF YOU ARE A COMEDY FAN / AUDIENCE MEMBER but do not actively work in Scottish Comedy you CANNOT vote. Any votes by people we cannot verify as working in the Scottish Comedy industry will not be counted. Sorry.

Tickets to the awards ceremony will be free to all those in the industry. Details closer to the time. If you have any questions / media requests about the event please contact Jojo Sutherland or Alan Anderson.

Please complete the google form below.


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