Nominations Now Open

Nominations for the inaugural Scottish Comedy awards are now open.

Nominations are only open to Scottish Comedians or those in the Scottish Comedy Industry.

Once nominations close, the panel then meet up and sift through the nominations to select 4 per category.

So far the panel consists of:

Jojo Sutherland, Janey Godley, Paul Sneddon, Ben Verth, Billy Kirkwood, Bruce Fummey, Jay Lafferty and Jay Richardson.

We are hoping to also include a couple of other performers and non performers to the panel. If interested in joining please email

After the panel have narrowed down the nominations to four per category, voting will begin. Voting will only be open to those in the Scottish Comedy Industry.

Then the winners announced at a big piss up on Monday 31st March at Blythswood Hotel in Glasgow.